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   Introducing the tourism cities of Ardebil province

Introduction of Ardabil province - City of Meshkin Shahr

Introduction of Ardabil province - City of Meshkin Shahr

Meshkinshahr (Persian: مشگين شهر; also known as Meshkin Shahr or Meshkin-Shahr) is a city in northwestern Iran, at the center of Meshginshahr County, and 839 kilometers far from Tehran. Being near the high Sabalan Mountains it enjoys a moderate mountainous climate. Formerly, it was known as "Khiav". The Sabalan summit can be seen in the south of the city with an eye catching scenery. The antiquity of the city dates back to the early centuries of Islam but in the Safavid age it was thriving even more.

Attractive Nature of Meshkin Shahr

The city is well-known for its Azerbaijani rugs and its mineral springs. Also Iran's first geothermal power station, Meshkinshahr Geothermal Power Plant is situated in outskirts of this city.

 تمامی حقوق این سایت متعلق به گروه تولید محتوای اردبیل وب بوده و بر اساس ماده ۲۳ قانون حمایت حقوق مولفان، هرگونه کپی برداری از آن پیگیرد قانونی خواهد داشت.

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